Voucher Birthday

Voucher Birthday

item no.: 000002
Price: 3,00 €

3,00 €
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19% VAT included plus Shipping

  • The amount is arbitrary
  • You can insert a message which will be printed on the gift voucher.
  • You can specify a receiving address to which we will directly send the voucher
  • The voucher will not loose its validity
  • the voucher costs 3,00 € including tax for processing and shipment
  • we will send you an invoice for paying
  • the voucher is secured by a number code to eliminate the possibility for misuse
  • to redeem the voucher please send it together with your order via post, email or fax to Chemnitzer Klöppelwerkstatt
  • please consider the shipment costs while redeeming the voucher
  • we will send you an invoice if your order is higher than the voucher amount
  • we will send you a credit voucher if your order is below the voucher amount

In case of questions please do not hesitate to write us an email to info@kloeppelwerkstatt.